I’m interested in issues of development and state accountability.

The views expressed here are personal (of course there are large areas of overlap with people I work with, some of whom have significantly altered my thinking). I can be reached at gupta [dot] ruchi [at] gmail.com.


7 responses to “About

  1. I appreciate your perspective on Indian affairs. The challenge to build a STRONG India that takes care of ALL its citizens irrespective of Caste/Religion/Language/Ethnicity/Economic Status is to cultivate the sense of TRUE progress in the minds of Indians. I think your perspective is CLEAR and wish you good luck. If you have time, please contact us at kalugu.com where were are bringing together thought leaders from not only India, but the entire South Asian region to push forward the sense of togetherness and honoring PEOPLE’s aspirations. Thank You and good luck.

  2. Ruchi, I just came across your site by accident, via a comment you left on Anand Giridharadas site (Slumdog Effect). This is a great site with commendable objectives and with lots of extremely informative entries. For me, it’s an education. I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

  3. The bueracracy is bloated as a matter of public policy as a job creation scheme for the country. Until private enterprise alone can provide enough middle-class jobs for the educated masses, the government will of necessasity keep hiring more unneeded government workers in order to maintain social order and prevent the type of class-based civil war you talk about on another post. It’s not such a bad plan actually.

  4. this blog’s gr8! my work takes lots of my time, so realy cant update wit affairs thru my own personal research so Im constantly reading ths site & not to mention abt how I enjoy it! It serves my purpose in every way!

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