NIA “perilously close to crossing constitutional limits”

In one of the cables released today
(S/Noforn) In Mueller’s view, one of the most crucial elements in combating terrorism is integration of the legal and law enforcement function with the intelligence function (emphasis added), which not only allows pursuit of cases after the crime but also an improved capacity to prevent crime. He referred to a former British MI5 chief who had told him after 9/11 that the U.K. was able to address the terrorist threat in Northern Ireland due to two things: “”sources and wires.””
This integration in the US has led to complete black box where “enemy combatants” are tried in military tribunals, and victims of proven human rights violations are unable to hold the administration accountable because those cases are not admissible in court

Both acknowledged the unprecedented cooperation that has occurred post-Mumbai. Chidambaram commented that such collaboration would have provoked loud protests in India six months ago but scarcely a murmur was raised after the Mumbai attacks. He said that he has directed the Intelligence Bureau to work closely and cooperate fully with the FBI (emphasis added). He would like to see the two sides work together to share information on a real time basis (emphasis added)

Referring to the newly-formed National Investigation Agency (NIA), Chidambaram observed that he had a new weapon in hand to combat terrorism. He conceded that he was coming “”perilously close to crossing constitutional limits”” in empowering the NIA (emphasis added).Chidambaram disclosed that after becoming Home Minister in December, he had given unambiguous directions for the GOI to move against the Naxalites/Maoists with force (emphasis added). He said that a major counter-insurgency program had been launched against these groups. Patrols have been beefed up in size and coverage. Military officers had been brought in to provide the police and paramilitary forces training in jungle warfare. He expressed confidence that with this new approach the government would “”settle”” the Naxalite/Maoists problem.

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One response to “NIA “perilously close to crossing constitutional limits”

  1. The one country which seems to have benefited from Mumbai attacks is the US, it would appear. I don’t understand their obsession with control.

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