Invite: National RTI Convention

NCPRI is organizing a national RTI Convention in Shillong (March 10-12). The three day Convention comes after 5 years of the RTI Act which has empowered us all in varying degrees, and will give us an opportunity to reflect on the law and its implementation on a national platform. The Convention comes at a specially opportune time with questions of governance, ethics and social democracy center stage in the political discourse right now.
The Convention will explore how the various people’s movements/campaigns across the country have used RTI to expose the truth and help develop an informed citizenry for democratic decision making. We will also use the Convention to demand a strong Lokpal Bill, a strong Whistleblowers Bill and ensure that the RTI Act is not diluted through rules or other means. Further NCPRI is in process of developing a public campaign to demand for a transparent pre-legislative process to ensure that there’s a more inclusive platform for public participation outside of the current whimsical Standing Committee route. Since the Convention will be in the North-East, it will also provide rich material for how a democracy functions in the backdrop of highly visible armed forces and intelligence agencies. Side note: Shillong will be beautiful this time of the year)

Confirmed attendees thus far include Justice JS Verma, Justice Shah, James Lyngdoh, Harsh Mander, Aruna Roy, Trilochan Sastry, Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Shekhar Singh, Manoj Mitta, Leela Samson, Governor of Meghalaya, CIC Satyanand Mishra, Usha Ramanathan, Vrinda Grover, Nikhil Dey. Other names are in process.

Please contact Rakshita Swamy (9818.838.588 | for further information. Do also visit the Convention  website ( Please share with anyone who may be interested.

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