Family ties

IMG_1675.JPGToday is Jan 26 – Republic Day. Weather’s become warmer and coupled with government mandated nationwide holiday (including India’s favorite pastime, malls), Delhi families came out in full force to one of Delhi’s big parks, Lodhi Garden.

If you overlook the gaucheness (and the annoyance of having your personal preserve suddenly overrun), it’s all rather cute. The full extended family sitting together on the grass under the sun, casseroles, pressure cookers, big steel containers, chutney, pickle, all in attendance just like at home (no makeshift sandwich for them. No sir!). Preceded/followed by a vigorously played game of cricket, catch, singing, frisbee etc

The Indian family is wonderfully sweet in its inclusiveness, the oldest and the youngest is present and welcome. Of course, the inclusiveness exacts its price in conformity etc, but today I will (uncharacteristically) focus only on the good.

IMG_1674.JPG IMG_1664.JPG



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