Life is cheap; industry permits are not

Ambani, Mittal and Tata peddle Modi as PM

Speech excerpts from the Vibrant Gujarat Summit

Anil Ambani: “Narendrabhai has done good for Gujarat. Gujarat has seen progress in all fields under his leadership. Now imagine what will happen to the nation if he leads the nation. A person like him should be the next leader of the country”

Sunil Mittal: “Modi has a magnetic personality, which has attracted several companies to the state. I have had the opportunity to observe him closely during work and I must say that we run only companies and earn money, but if there is one person who can run not only a company or a sector, but a whole nation as CEO, it’s Narendra Modi”

Ratan Tata: “I have to say that today there is no state like Gujarat. Under Mr Modi’s leadership, Gujarat is head and shoulders above any state …  in the Nano case, we had our land and approval in just two days … [laud] the speed and transparency [with which Mr Modi worked]’’

How can we overlook the Godhra riots simply because of the speed with which the CM supports industrialization?  We are all so riled up after the Mumbai terror attacks, yet we overlook the systematic violence against Muslims in Gujarat in 2002. We can’t be selectively outraged when we are the target while disregarding serious moral lapses when some removed minority is.  Rise of Hindu fundamentalism will give rise to Islamic extremism. And it’s shocking that India Inc, especially those who like to count themselves amongst the educated, will overlook such serious moral transgressions in their bid for easy industry permits.

On a related note, here’s a quick poll:


Good to know: What does 49-O really amount to? Not much , especially in its current non-secret ballot form


One response to “Life is cheap; industry permits are not

  1. Looks like corporates are running the country through proxy politicians! Its not new, has been happening in any political system. Educate the Indians, make them accountable, make them vote, instill the anger in them for being taken for a ride.

    We generally confuse the “adjustment” bahaviour our religion teaches – it is to be used in personal life, not in providing service or accountability. Think of how many so called “educated” Indian will fight for a misbehaving person in a bus or a public place ? We are confused that keeping quiet when things go wrong is the expected behaviour of “educated” ? Will we fight with a person who can talk obscene language when he is wrong ? Will we support the person who is talking right and who is being abused in public ?

    We are society of utter laziness, where consumerism has been thrust on us, so wondering how to get it, without necessarily earning it 🙂

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