Mixed Bag

Links/blurbs that I want to share (but given my complete disinterest in code am putting here in bullet form)

    After the catastrophic 1984 Union Carbide gas disaster in Bhopal, two [poor] women, Rashida Bee and Champadevi Shukla, [...] found the Bhopal Gas-Affected Women’s Stationery Trade Union. [...] They fought for the clean-up of toxic wastes lying in the abandoned Union Carbide factory site in Bhopal and for more than 20,000 poor people to be saved from water poisoning caused by chemicals leaking from the site. [...] Given their remarkable role in the Bhopal survivors’ struggle, the two women were in 2004 jointly awarded the Goldman Environment Prize, which has been described as “the Nobel Prize for the Environment”. Although both women are their families’ sole breadwinners, they decided not to accept the $125,000 prize money for themselves, but to use the entire amount to set up a charitable trust dedicated to alleviating the suffering in Bhopal. The all-woman Chingari Trust represents the spirit of resilience and persistence of the Bhopal survivors and notably the women who for years have refused to be daunted or defeated.

  • Rafael (Israel Armament Development Authority) promo video for India (Source: Marginal Revolution)

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